Friday, 11 March 2011


here is a genius girl on YouTube who hails from some part of the US where they have that rather grating accent reminiscent of those dreadful people in Twilight; she is nevertheless, quite a genius. Her video ‘Confessions of a Hipster’ has provided me with 3 minutes 19 seconds of pure entertainment, and a reasonable amount of material for this article. I thoroughly suggest that you give it a watch.

Until about 45 minutes ago, I thought that ‘Hipsters’ were those low-rider jeans that you used to be able to get from New Look circa 2002, and could only wear if you had the figure of, or actually were, a twelve year old girl. Alas, I have been proved wrong by the Americans, because they know such a lot about etymology and have evidently decided that Hipster is not in fact an uncomfortable genre of trouser, and is now, what we across the pond would refer to as an ‘Indie Kid’, or more recently ‘A Shoreditch Twat.’ I’m so glad that we’ve cleared that up. Now the mockery can commence.

For those of you who know who I am, you would probably consider it terribly hypocritical of me to be scoffing at the race of humanity with whom I appear to share a lot of traits. After all, I do Philosophy for A2, wear size 14 Oxfam cardigans when I am only size 8 (due to being a vegetarian and having a penchant for ‘the starving artist’ look,) quote poetry at people whom I deem to be vapid or chauvinistic, (I use words like vapid and chauvinistic,) and would sell my Topshop staff card for a reasonable supply of Polaroid film. In my defence however, I know that I am a moron. This characteristic however, is not shared by the micro culture to which I am so scornful, hence this quote;

‘Hipsters are pretentious assholes who like attention and dress strange.’

here’s a fine line between being a Hipster and being a human being. A human being can wear geek glasses, read T.S Eliot, enjoy chai soya lattes and not have participated in team sport since comprehensive school, but they retain their integrity and respect other people. What riles me most is possibly is the music snobbery involved in being a Hipster. I am going to a Shakira concert with my little brother and not because it is terribly ironic, but because I love Shakira, in all her Latin American glory. I also like Rihanna and Taylor Swift. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether I am supposed to like Crystal Castles and Animal Collective. And I don’t hate people who don’t know who they are. See you at the Shakira concert.
Love Holly.

© Holly Boyden 2011

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