Wednesday, 9 March 2011


There is a virtually inexhaustable list of things which I am supposed to be doing instead of this. But I have been oh so NEGLECTFUL, yes I have, of my little blog. I actually forgot it existed until today, because I was stalking my Philosophy teacher who has a blog and decided to follow him so I had to do the whole FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD? RESET YOUR PASSWORD? malarky. And here I am.

I doubt that anybody is reading this.

Here is a list of things that I should have done today:
  • Philosophy mock
  • Dracula essay
  • Spanish
  • Gone to the gym
  • Had a shower
  • Gone to ballet
  • Fed the dog
  • Read Plato's damn Republic.
I have, in reality...

  • Slept for over 55% of the day
  • Walked the dog
  • Had a cigarette
  • Expended the black ink cartridge on the printer
  • Shoddily attempted some Spanish grammar
  • Watched several Charlie Sheen videos on Youtube.
  • Watched The Duck Song on Youtube.
  • Watched several versions of the Backing Up video on Youtube.
  • Thought about brushing my hair
  • Ate some raisins
  • Stalked Jake and realised that he will never love me because his wife is a lovely aerobics teacher and I am a poor excuse for a human being.
  • (Joking Jake, because you're probably reading this because you're all efficient like that.)
I need a wee. I'm going now.

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