Sunday, 13 March 2011


Uppercase Lowercase.

I said I’d throw myself to the wind.
Strangle myself with cynicism and
Learn something from it.
They say it’s like a punch in the stomach.
The innards,
They entangle themselves
A palisade of anatomy.
But their fleshy defence cannot defend
Against somebody who knows how to destroy themselves.

The age old dilemma rewinds
And repeats. Stop, fast forward.
I’m here again and I can barely believe
The vascular adrenalin numbs something;
It helps to think of it as physical.

How long should an experiment take
If you do not fall in love?
Do not fall in love when he hasn’t fallen in like.
You said.
She seems to think I don’t care.
Was that for me?
Probably not and I’ll hold it against myself to have ever thought so.

‘All the world’s a stage and all the people in’t’
Are just potential victims.
I’ll lock you
Uppercase lowercase
(before the end but after s)
Up in literature, 
And I will never forget the time
You told me I was beuterful.

© Holly Boyden 2011

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