Monday, 21 March 2011

Band review: Cromwell Street

Citing themselves as belonging to the genre of ‘good’ music, the gorgeous Julian Hanson, Max Starbuck, Adrian V Cook and Bilborough’s own Tom Towle have given birth to the cacophony of cool that is ‘Cromwell Street.’ Easily the slickest fucking indie band to come out of Nottingham since Dog is Dead, they’re doing some good shit, and doing with style.  

My first experience of them was at Rescue Rooms Open Mic Monday and they were flabbergastingly good. Having previously listened to ‘Green Eyes’ on their Soundcloud, I had high expectations which were in no way vanquished by their performance, and I was on a high for days; their music is lovely. A tingling blend of balmy guitar chords and sex-on-a-plate vocals, they sound like the product of Bombay Bicycle Club and The Strokes if they had a really good looking but illegitimate child with Vampire Weekend. There’s something about them that also reminds me of The Arctic Monkeys; it could be just that Tom Towle definitely has something of the elusive Alex Turner about him, or something to with the fact that they’re an aesthetically and euphonically pleasing band from a vaguely northern city. I dunno. Arctic Monkeys are hot though.

My favourite tracks are ‘Wentworth Villa’ and ‘Green Eyes’, they’re properly melodic and are the kind of things that would be played in the background of Skins while the poor excuses for characters fumble around with spliffs and each other’s genitals (another rant for another time.) That’s not to detract from the awesomeness of the music, Skins is renowned for sick music, it’s the just the rest of it that’s reprehensible crap.

Moving on.

The inner structure of the band is as follows; Julian and Tom on lead guitar, Tom on lead vocals, Max plays bass and Adrian is a streak of loveliness on the drums. It all works, they look damn hot and they know how to play their instruments. I don’t know what else we could ask for really. Julian and Max are at the mecca of music tech that is Confetti Studios, and Tom’s one of our own. If you see him looking coy and retiring around the smoking shelter, go forth and ask him for his autograph. He’ll probably stare at you for a while then say no.     

I’m no musical connoisseur, but as one of Cromwell Street’s enthusiastically emerging groupies, I’d say that they could be pretty famous if they wanted to be. And that you really need a sprinkling of them in your system sometime soon.

Cromwell Street are playing their next gig at THE RUNNING HORSE PUB on Canning Circus in Nottingham, Saturday 2nd April from 7pm.

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